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Stigma of acne worse in the age of selfies, experts say

Stigma of acne worse in the age of selfies, experts say
Doctor Jerry Tan, who is a member of the society, says young people in this age of selfies and social media are more self-conscious about their looks than ever before.

Everything on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is about posting and sharing selfies, photos and videos and “your face is prominent,” Tan said.

“The face is such a socially visible site, it leads to embarrassment, becoming self-conscious, sometimes social avoidance and most importantly and probably under-recognized in a lot of patients, it can lead to depression,” said Tan, a dermatologist who also teaches at the Windsor campus of the Schulich School of Medicine.

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About the Author:

Dr Jerry Tan, MD, FRCP, is a dermatologist with expertise in acne care and research. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Western Ontario and has a private practice in Windsor.


  1. Chritine Comeau  September 1, 2016

    I went to Tan many years ago till I moved out of town. Dr Tan is so exceptionally polite education man. He is very soft-spoken and kind with his words and knows what he is talking about professionally. I felt very comfortable with Dr Tan right from the beginning. Thank you Dr. Tan for your explanations for your kind comforting words.


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