Patient Decision Aids

 About Decision Aids

Patient decision aids (PDAs) are tools that help engage patients in making decisions about their health care. These interventions inform patients about the evidence of treatment options, assist in clarifying the relative value they place on outcomes, and guide them in the process of decision making.

They are of particular value when there are multiple treatment options with different outcomes or varying scientific uncertainty. Their use can improve knowledge, realign expectations, decrease decisional conflict, and increase patient participation in decision making. A previous PDA for psoriasis patients, for example, was shown to reduce decisional conflict and increase preparation for decision making.

Developed PDAs:


PDAs developed by WCRI are in accordance with the International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) and utilized evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.  The PDAs can be used anytime patients desire treatment (if not treated) or are reconsidering treatment (if being treated). As a stand-alone resource, the PDAs can inform psoriasis and acne patients about their conditions, determine the severity of their condition, and contextualize treatment options. Optimally, however, we envision that it be used by patients with guidance from their physicians. Physicians may pare treatment options initially (and thereby shorten the PDA) based on medical contraindications specific to the patient, treatment availability, and treatment accessibility.

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PDAs in Development:

There is an identified need for patient-friendly information regarding treatment options and support with decision making for dermatology patients. With experience developing PDAs to International Patient Decision Aids Standards, WCRI will be creating additional dermatological PDAs. The PDAs will be formatted for online and mobile-friendly use to encourage accessibility of information to patients and greater informed decision making.

 InforMed Team

WCRI is focused on maintaining recent and relevant PDAs with the best available clinical evidence. If you would like to the prior version of the Psoriasis PDA (2012), click here: Psoriasis PDA